Kaizen Building Analytics Software

In the past, energy managers and engineers took a building's schematics, utility bills and equipment, and then painstakingly built up energy profiles with manual calculations.

Today's building analytics software does that work for you by extracting data directly from your building automation system. Sophisticated algorithms swiftly analyze your building's energy consumption and display those metrics in dashboards.

With software-as-a-service energy analytics, the metrics you once spent hours manually calculating are now just a click away.

Now you've got something to work with: information, not data.

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Realize Your Building Potential

The promise of smart buildings was that automation would make them easier to maintain, consume less energy, be better for the environment and cost less to run.

The reality is somewhat less rosy.

Smart buildings have not been delivering on their promises and we've made it our mission to change that.

Part of the answer is already in your buildings. The data generated by your building equipment and systems can tell you what's wrong and how to fix it - if you can make sense of it.

That's where CopperTree Analytics comes in.

Our building automation energy analytics software analyzes your building data and transforms it from streams of numbers into meaningful information that identifies issues and triggers your team to take action.

Now you can target your maintenance, use less energy, and save more money. Now you can realize your building potential.

The CopperTree Method

Here's how CopperTree Energy Analytics Software transforms your data into meaningful information you can use to drive new operational and environmental efficiencies:


CopperTree gathers data from the Building Automation System and stores it on-site in your CopperCube or in secure, remote-storage cloud servers.


CopperTree's powerful Kaizen engine continuously analyzes your BAS data to highlight anomalies and identify inefficiencies.


We provide detailed reports and instant alerts to enable you to take control and maximize your building and business performance.